Because I was taken out by the influenza virus and lost six weeks of precious time then another week due to computer problems, now hopefully sorted, I wasn't able to cover the projects I had planned. So this set of videos originally planned for members of Wilcom's Hatch facebook group, and destined to be uploaded to my You Tube channel is serving a dual purpose, I had only managed to create 3 videos before my R and R trip to my daughter, the rest I finished as soon as my computer was fixed, and that took days I really couldn't afford to lose, plus worries that I might mess it all up. Fortunately everything went well, but my computer kept telling me there was insufficient memory for the smallest request, several hours of playing detective, disclosed Windows Indexing feature was permanentely running and with 3 internal hard drives and 3 external drives plus my cloud backup  running  constantly, all available memory was being utilised by the Windows indexer.  It took a full day to turn off indexing for each drive then every single folder, sub folder, file, and I have an enormous amount of data on my drives but it is done now and no more messages about insufficient memory.
Although these videos were made for Hatch users most software offers similar stitch types, functions etc, with one possible exception, the make motif, I haven't come across a non Wilcom program that makes motif creation so painless. The design is digitised in two ways, first as a line drawing, then as a fill type, as usual the videos aren't about the design but tools techniques and functions, all of which the end user can utilise for any design.

Fish video 1
Fish video 2

Fish video 3
Fish video 4

Fish video 5
Fish video 6

Fish video 7
Fish video 8

Fish video 9
Fish video 10

Fish video 11a
Fish video 11b

Fish video graphic