Filet and user made Motifs for Crochet, this set of videos has come about thanks to a sneaky manoeuvre by Trevor Conquergood during his last Digitiser Workshop, and one of our members expressing a desire to create machine embroidery Crochet. The subject matter is going to form part of the next group Challenge. I have used MBX version 5 to create the designs, but the Hatch users have the same tools, however Embird Studio users you will need to create the stitches as EOF's then copy and paste to create blocks of stitches and a design. I will do a seperate video showing how you do it ASAP.

The Preamble and Epilogue videos are part of the set, so do not skip them. The Crochet videos are about Filet Crochet, the Crochet with user made motifs are for what I call Lazy Mags crochet, quick simple rounds of FSL Crochet.  Those who belong to Trevor's Digitiser Workshop will hear me instructing him on how to create Lazy Mags crochet on May 18th. I have included a PDF of Filet Crochet charts, Cross stitch charts work as well. Please don't take the attitude of, 'I have no interest in creating FSL Crochet'  if you want to learn to digitise, things you learn from one type of digitising, will inform others, , creating motifs, creating FSL,  stitch lengths,  when to exclude or include underlays, these are all part and parcel of learning to digitising.

Embird Studio users I'm sorry for making you wait, however your videos are now here for you. It has been a while since I last digitised Crochet in Studio, and it shows, things have changed, I've forgotten things, and I've managed to make a pigs ear of the videos. I hope I've shown enough for you to create your own Filet or free form Lazy mags coasters.
Preamble video
Crochet Video 1
Crochet Video 2a
Crochet Video 2b
Crochet Video 3
Crochet Video 4
Crochet Video 5
Crochet Video 6
Crochet Video 7
Crochet Video 8
Crochet with User Made Motifs 1
Crochet with User Made Motifs 2
Crochet with User Made Motifs 3a
Crochet with User Made Motifs 3b
Crochet with User Made Motifs 4
Crochet with User Made Motifs 5
Crochet with User Made Motifs 6a
Crochet with User Made Motifs 6b
Zipped bundle of ESM's,photos, PDF and drawing of stitches.
Embird Stitches 1
Embird Stitches 2
Embird Stitches 3a Embird Stitches 3b
Embird Stitches 4 Embird Stitches 5a
Embird Stitches 5b Embird Stitches 6a
Embird Stitches 6b Embird Stitches EOF's