Six or seven weeks away from my daily routine have made me rusty, so if I seem a bit more disjointed than normal, blame the nasty little virus that messed me around.
Once again those that made the effort to create a challenge design have made me feel delighted with their designs they sent in. The choices made for the various tools and functions used, the different stitch densities, the different approaches taken all show a growing understanding of the software used, and that pleases me. I feel excitement when I see someone stepping out beyond their comfort zone, that takes courage and a desire to grow, it also shows a realisation that the only thing limiting progress is the incorrect belief that one has reached their limit. The beauty of the human mind is that it has the capacity to learn new things from the moment of birth up to the moment of death, it has no limit on its capacity to learn only the limit we impose on it, that is why I always feel excited when I see a member taking a step outside that restricting comfort zone.

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