In this small set of videos  I'm trying to point out a few things, for example FREE clipart is seldom free, an awful lot of sites advertising free clip art are knock off collections that John or Jane public have lifted from Google images and uploaded. Google doesn't own the images it shows, it harvests images uploaded to the web and displays them, the majority are owned, not meant to be grabbed by anyone and every one to be used for whatever, so bear that in mind. The plethora of clip art sites that have sprung up over the past few years don't monitor contributions regards copyright or ownership, so be careful. I included links to genuine free clip art in the last challenge PDF, hang on them as they are getting harder to find...
I have attempted to show how to read an image, sounds strange to talk about reading an image, but that is exactly what our brains attempt to do when presented with images, it's a skill that is easily mastered as long as you ask yourself questions, I'll let the videos explain.

Reading images 1
Reading images 2a
Reading images 2b