These videos are the reviews of the challenge set in January , you will notice as usual I have not included names in the video titles as I want members to view them all.  To those who didn't submit a design I would urge you to watch them as I use the review videos to address both weaknesses and strengths so they are more than just reviews. All of them are zipped so create a folder on your computer and download them to that folder, if you are using windows just right click on one in your folder and tell it 'Extract' if you don't have a windows media player, an excellent free one is VLC and can be downloaded from  It is fully compatible with Windows 10.

One area of concern has presented itself during the course of this challenge, and that is the choices made when selecting an image, so for that reason I shall be doing a follow up set of videos centred around graphics, their suitability for digitising if one is just starting to learn, how to read a graphic, make decisions on what to exclude, in short a graphic must help not hinder a digitiser.

I want to point out being Artistic is the most misunderstood phrase used by the majority of people I come across. Being Artistic has nothing to do with being able to draw, paint, sketch, compose music, act, dance,  sing, in fact it's so misunderstood now people no longer realise being artistic simply means, showing aesthetic consideration, showing skill or excellence in execution. When you purchased an embroidery machine I doubt you intended to use it as an ornament, but saw it as a way to add an aesthetic element to items, that is being artistic. When you digitise you are employing your node laying skill, selecting fills/colours/stitch patterns, you are using your aesthetic considerations, so in short you are all demonstrating that you are indeed being artistic.

As you view the videos I want you all to unerstand how much I apreciate the challenge takers, as they are providing a feedback to me, a feed back that helps me to shape future sets. It's a lonely occupation here in front of my monitor not knowing what members want or need help with, and with such a broad skill level amongst members I need feed back. So those who have never submitted a challenge design, jump in and have a go.

Spring review video 1
Spring review video 2 Spring review video 3

Spring review video 4 Spring review video 5 Spring review video 6

Spring review video 7 Spring review video 8 Spring review video 9

Spring review video 10 Spring review video 11 Spring review video 12

Spring review video 13 Spring review video 14a Spring review video 14b

Spring review video 14c Spring review video 15