As I upload new sets I shall be removing old ones, to make room for the new. So download the sets into folders on your computer, then you can view as and when you can.
It's a New Year so I've removed all the old sets in order to re-populate with new ones.

Paths,Flowers, leaves, techniques and function V5 and Hatch
(new Jan 2017)

New challenge videos (new Jan 2017)

Just Play videos, odd videos of digitising experimental playing.
Applique videos (New Feb 2017)

Spring Challenge Review Videos (March 2017)
Reading an image ( New March 2017)

Filet and User made motifs Crochet (May 2017)
May June Challenge Review Videos (New July 5th 2017)

July Videos for next Group Challenge. (new July 2017)
Summer Challenge reviews (New Sept 2017)

Halloween Challenge review videos (new Nov 2017)
Two approaches to creating a design.
(new Nov 2017)